Blurb: Gabby gets her fair share of frights at a country carnival in this spooky Creepover tale.
Adventurous Gabby Carter is excited to visit her best friend Sydney in Sydney’s new town in Iowa. Gabby is wondering what they’re going to do, surrounded by cornfields, when they discover an amazing carnival full of kids their age…and two very cute boys. But then strange things start happening at the fair: the Tilt-a-Whirl spins a little too quickly, and the eyes of the painted face on the funhouse follow Gabby. Gabby can’t believe she’s the one begging cautious Sydney to leave the carnival—but Sydney won’t leave! Can Gabby convince Sydney they don’t want to find out how haunted this carnival truly is?
This roller coaster of a story is rated a Level 4 on the Creep-o-Meter.

ride of your lifeThere’s not a lot I can tell you that you haven’t guessed from the blurb, although there’s a bittersweet “time passes but they never age” thread running through this. It was entertaining, but almost more melancholy than scary.

Also, although the back cover refers to “two cute boys,” its important to the plot that only Sydney is instantly smitten (and therefore doomed). Gabby doesn’t fall in insta-love with the second boy, so she manages to escape Sydney’s fate. I’d love to know how she explained things to her friend’s parents when she showed up alone, though.