I know Halloween is over for the year, but I had to squeeze in one last review, because I really enjoyed this book.

Title: The Diva Haunts the House

Author: Krista Davis diva-haunts-the-house

Series: Domestic Diva

Sleuth: domestic diva Sophie Winston, who has puzzlingly good relationships with both her ex-husband and the frenemy-since-childhood whom he left her for.

Setting: Old Town Alexandria, which appears to host the requisite number of restaurants and quirky shops to keep the cosy-mystery economy going (though not so many as to be baffling). More specifically, much of the story centres around “Bubble and Trouble,” the haunted house Sophie is helping with; it’s located in a former boarding house which once hosted a vampire. The legend of vampire Viktor’s time in the town is tied to the present-day mystery.

Animal: A dog named Daisy. The ex-husband, Mars, regularly takes her for walks. These people have a confusing lack of closure.

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but see that attractive, intricate cover up there? It contains an enjoyable, intricate mystery. Aside from the decorating tips, recipes, and seasonal ghost-and-vampire details, there’s a well-plotted mystery.

The suburb-ish setting has a cast of bafflingly interconnected (by family, marriage, divorce, and affairs) set of characters, but baffling in a way that makes me want to find the rest of the series, as opposed to the kind of baffling where I want to throw the book at the wall and give up. I’m really looking forward to finding the books that come before this one.