Dale Cowan: Deadly Sleep (Twilight: Where Darkness Begins #1)

Summarizing from memory: Jaynie, obsessed with the boyfriend who dumped her for a California girl, travels to Scotland and gets possessed by the spirit of the only survivor of Macbeth’s murder spree, which leads to her plotting to kill her new boyfriend because she thinks he’s a Macbeth descendant.

My copy of this is faded and battered and gorgeous.

Actual recap: Jaynie arrives in Scotland, jet-lagged and exhausted, having flown there from Cincinnati. She’s staying with Evelyn and Evelyn’s parents; Evelyn was a recent exchange student who stayed with Jaynie’s family.

Jaynie is still brooding about her break up with Tim. She’d thought they were in love, and then he went to California and met “that other girl.” She spends literally the entire book still upset about this, which I guess is realistic for a teenager but was still annoying to read. It does play into the plot, though, because the spirit haunting the Beattie family’s castle is…the ghost of a girl whose fiance was murdered by Macbeth.

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