Betsy Haynes: Little Pet Shop of Horrors

This is the third of Betsy Haynes’ Bone Chillers I’ve read (I’ve recapped Beware the Shopping Mall here), and I’m enjoying the series.

But. There’s something a little…different about this one.

little pet shop of horrors

You know how Amazon offers you that list of “people who bought this also bought” suggestions? Well, what it gave me for this book was so unexpected that at first I assumed it was a mistake.

Then I read the book, and I don’t think it was a mistake. I think this book has a following among readers who aren’t all here for the “children’s horror” aspect.

little pet shop horrors screencap 2
This is the book’s description on Amazon.

So I screencapped the “also bought” suggestions for your amusement, but it’s going behind a cut because the suggestions aren’t entirely safe for work.  (Also, there are spoilers beyond this point.)

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