Nicholas Pine: Lights Out (Terror Academy #1)

Lights Out was more of a straightforward murder mystery than anything supernatural. So was Sixteen Candles, but Night School, which I’ll be reviewing next, has an actual vampire in it, so I’m hoping the series isn’t just “could possibly happen in real life” thrillers.

lights out

Like so many teen horror novels of the 80s and 90s, this feels like it’s taking place in the 1950s. Continue reading “Nicholas Pine: Lights Out (Terror Academy #1)”


Nicholas Pine: Sixteen Candles (Terror Academy #3)

Sixteen Candles sounds like such a sweet title, it struck me as an odd choice for inclusion in a horror series. But it works.

sixteen candles

I knew who the killer was, unfortunately, right from the beginning. But it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the book.(And I’m going to be blunt about who the killer was, so SPOILERS BENEATH THE CUT). Continue reading “Nicholas Pine: Sixteen Candles (Terror Academy #3)”