Married, mummified, and buried in the country. Welcome to my afterlife.

Darkwood Primary

Welcome to Darkwood.

Located in the fictitious community of Central, Newfoundland, Darkwood Primary offers a full range of educational opportunities to some three hundred students, both human and monstrous. Please sign up to the mailing list for further information, book suggestions, and craft ideas.

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wecome to darkwoodWelcome to Darkwood

Jake always wondered why the supply room was off-limits. Now he and Devon are in some weird alternate dimension, trying to get back to their own school before something eats them.

Briana and Petra were on their way to the canteen when everything changed. Surrounded by the monsters of Darkwood Primary, can they survive and get back to their classroom?

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Darkwood 1: Welcome to Darkwood by C. E. Moretti is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.




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