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Misfit Fairy

Misfit Fairy September                 Diary of a Misfit Fairy: September

MISTLETOE FORESTEDGE has problems. She’s struggling to adjust to Middle School, and she just doesn’t fit in with the whole cutesy, craft-and-cooking fairy mindset. Worse yet, a pack of popular fairies are going all mean girl on her. Can she pull herself together in time to complete her terrifying Friendliness assignment? Will she ever actually make a friend?

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Available for pre-order: Diary of a Misfit Fairy 2: October.

HALLOWEEN IS A DANGEROUS TIME for elves and fairies. But Mistletoe has a lot to look forward to, including her first-ever visit to the high school’s haunted house. Now she just needs to find a way to help her group’s assigned human outwit some bullies.


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